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Challonge Returns To Its Independent Roots

After nearly 3.5 years under Logitech’s ownership, Challonge has spun off and formed an independent business no longer affiliated with Logitech. The official statement about the separation is as follows:

Logitech is committed to the gaming community and our branded tournaments, including the Logitech McLaren G Challenge and the Adaptive Esports Tournament. Based on an assessment of strategic priorities, we have mutually decided to spin out Challonge, a SaaS platform for individuals and communities to create their own tournaments and competitions.

We [Logitech] are excited that Challonge’s founders, David Cornelius, and Matt McIntyre, will be retaking control of Challonge and running it as an independent entity outside of Logitech. Challonge will continue operations, development, and growth all in support of its global users. Logitech will no longer be involved with the continued operations of Challonge beyond March 31, 2023.

The Challonge team is incredibly grateful for our time with Logitech. Now, we’re focused more than ever on the evolution of Challonge and how it continues to support the ever-evolving world of competition management across all games and sports played both in-person and virtually.

It’s no small task ahead of us, but we’re committed to the same mission of Challonge since 2009, which is to make it easy and rewarding to organize and host tournaments with the people you care about most. We do this on with Challonge Communities, and by supporting over 25 different out-of-the-box tournament formats including brackets, round-robin, swiss, leaderboards, races, two-stage tournaments, and more. We do this externally through our evolving API that can be used to power your own, custom tournament website or application.

We’re happy to answer any questions by contacting us at In the meantime, here are a few questions we thought may pop up…

Q. What does this change mean for users and Challonge API users?

  • In the short term, there are no material changes to Challonge. We have a new privacy policy, new terms of service, and a new data controller. In the medium term, we’ll be launching some exciting new features that have been asked for and we can finally focus on. Now that we are finished with the transition, we are singularly focused and committed to serving the 6M+ global users on the Challonge platform. That said, you can expect many more opportunities for input on feature development and strategic direction on the horizon. 
  • Internally, we are starting with a macro view of our market and how Challonge’s mission of enabling easy, rewarding tournament organization aligns with the needs of tournament organizers today. This includes looking through the lens of both and our widely-used API. Then, we’ll define a roadmap for new features along with the proper value exchange necessary between Challonge and its users in order to sustain a small business while also delivering on that mission.

Q. Who owns Challonge?

  • Challonge LLC, based in Indianapolis, IN, is the entity that owns all of Challonge’s intellectual property. David Cornelius, Challonge’s original founder/developer since 2009, and Matt McIntyre, who joined Challonge in 2018, are partners in this business. There are no additional owners at this time.
  • View our updated terms of service here:
  • View our updated privacy policy here:

Q. Are you seeking additional owners and/or investors?

  • We’re always interested in working with like-minded people committed to our shared values. If you have an interest in joining our ownership team through investment, acquisition, or otherwise, drop us a line at [email protected]

Q. What is next for Challonge?

  • Challonge is once again a small business with actively involved owner-operators that are personally committed to its success.
  • This means that everything we do moving forward is a personal reflection of ourselves and showcases the commitment we have to the Challonge mission.
  • We care about bringing people together through competition and making that process as easy as it can be. Everything we do from here forward will be from the heart and come with all the necessary validation.
  • We appreciate everyone that has chosen Challonge and promise you all that we’re more committed than ever to ensuring Challonge helps tournament organizers do what they love.

Thank you,
– Matt and David

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  1. I would like to tell you that you’ve created one of the best feature to control a tournament, thank you for this and I am anxious to know what will come forward…
    I wish you all the best on this knew phase

  2. Challonge has been a great help in promoting my pool league and using Challonge for my tournaments, Thank You for the opportunity to access Challonge. Simply put it is great.

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