Types of Tournament Organizers

As tournament formats and styles continue to evolve over the years, so do the organizers or hosts. May it be from hosting a simple tournament with a couple of friends to running professional esports competitions worldwide, the main goal is still the same — to manage a fun, stress-free, and competitive tournament for everyone.

Today, we’ll highlight some examples of tournament organizers and what their main goals are in hosting a competition. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fall into one of these types. This is merely just a guide so read on.


These are the creators whose main purpose is to manage tournaments for only a handful of players. Creating a new, self-organized competition, maybe with a couple of friends to manage is what a Host is all about.

The primary example of being a Host is managing a tournament with just their friends or even family members on regular or special occasions. These are your typical weekend competitions that sometimes have prizes to be given away to the winners, but nothing beats bragging rights among your peers.


Next is what we call an Agent. They are invited by another group or even an organization to conduct tournaments on their behalf. Compensation for their services is common and sometimes to be provided as their fees in the organization of tournaments.

There are a lot of individuals or groups out there that provide tournament bracket management services. They help eliminate the stress of someone who only wants to focus on other aspects of the competition or event.


From the title itself, Captains are in charge of the helm and manages the whole competition for a group that they belong to. They know what the group needs and implements everything according to their plan. Adjustments are easy to do as they know all the members competing in a tournament.

Imagine somebody from your workplace organizing a tournament from scratch for your department or even the entire company. All you have to do is to focus on your strategies to win all matches. If the next opponent is your immediate supervisor or boss, would it be a safe idea to just let them win? Good luck, buddy.

Record Keeper

They are the true historians, number crunchers. or even scorekeepers for any group. Every movement is well documented and will be used to improve their next competition. All the important data are recorded such as player information, match scores, tournament mechanics, registrations, and many more.

Have you tried to compete formally or even professionally for games like Dota 2, Valorant, or Starcraft? Aside from effective battle plans and clash strategies, documentation of the whole tournament for records management purposes is also important as they can be reviewed by tournament organizers to improve all upcoming tournaments.

So, do you consider yourself as one of these types of organizers, a combination, or different altogether? We would also like to know how you manage tournaments and participants like a wizard.

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