Free For All, Tournament

Host A Fortnite Tournament, and other Battle Royale Tournaments Using Free For All Mode

We just introduced the Free For All tournament format, which allows you to advance multiple participants or teams out of a competitive group. You can watch the full trailer on Free For All tournaments below or on our YouTube Channel.

When we shared the news with Esports Insider they said, “Giving more ways to explore the competitive side of Battle Royale games is important if the genre is to find the best format for its esports efforts. Tournaments for Fortnite, for example, are under close watch and receive a lot of criticism, and Challonge could help to refine the format of these competitions moving forward.”

Organizer Tip: Battle Royale participants can now drop into their own solo matches and be given a score based on their number of kills and their final rank at the end. There’s no longer a need to squad up with competitors! We suggest experimenting with the following formula:

# of kills x (100 – finishing place)

Using this formula, a round with 4 kills and a 28th place finish would give me a score of 288, which is (4 x (100-28)). Another example of 8 kills but a 85th place finish would give me a score of 120. Then, you would simply advance those with the highest scores onto the next round. Requiring participants to submit screenshots of their scores with Match Attachments in Challonge is a great way to validate scores as well!

Pro Organizer Tip: Try adding scores across three or more solo matches to get your winner(s). Or, allow players to submit their best score in a set time period. Try the same method with duos and squads. The opportunities are endless!

Please be sure to share your creative use of Challonge’s new Free For All Mode with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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